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ANAEE-France with ISIA offers a website to manage your project submission and virtual experiment notebook. You may register here for an access to CEREEP if your project is a new one.

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The CEREEP is located in Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours, nearby Paris, in the Foljuif field station and is coordinated by the CNRS and the Ecole normale supérieure. Its mission is to provide the scientific community with experimental platforms, terrestrial macrocosms, greenhouse, aquatic mesocosms, artificial lakes, aviaries, natural areas (forests and meadows) and laboratories and field equipment if necessary.


Lastest News

12-08-2015 : Appel à projets 2016

A partir du 20 janvier 2016 la plateforme de dépôts de projets ISIA pour le CEREEP sera ouverte pour déposer vos projets